Hi guys.. here I am again 🙂

I would like to tell you about a very nice project that involved the ITF, an events company Factory Eleven, the shipping company Maersk and Stoke Mandeville Stadium.  Factory Eleven and Maersk donated a set of Tennis Factory equipment to Stoke Mandeville/Wheelpower during the Spinal Unit Games.  These Games take place at the Stadium and teams come together from the 12 Spinal Units in the UK and take part in many different sports – wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, athletics, swimming, sledge hockey, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair fencing etc.

I was very happy with what I saw. It is a wonderful way to introduce sport to people that have recently had an accident.  I experienced something similar after my accident in 1992 at the Sarah Kubitschek Centre in Brasilia but there wasn’t the range of sports that are now available.

My friend Peter Gray is the owner of Factory Eleven and they have similar equipment across different sports that allow people to play in parks, shopping centres and other locations.  The philosophy across all sports – tennis, golf, cricket, football, angling…- is inclusive so that kids and adults with a disabilty can join in the activity with able bodied family and friends.  It is a lot of fun and the equipment is very colourful and robust.

I had a wonderful day and I want to say thank you to Pete and Maersk for their positive attitude to promoting sport.

I hope to be back soon to tell similar positive stories that have a happy ending! 🙂