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New Website.. :)


Mates.. Guys… People

I am very happy right now.  It was long ago I stopped writing here because I was working on another project that now is finished –  my new website. 🙂 It was hard work but  I am please with he results.

Samanta Bullock

It’s in Portuguese and in English.

From now I will be blogging through my website.  The news will come soon!!

Take a look and I welcome your comments. I hope you like it! 🙂

Kisses and love




Tennis Factory donate tennis equipment to Stoke Mandeville


Hi guys.. here I am again 🙂

I would like to tell you about a very nice project that involved the ITF, an events company Factory Eleven, the shipping company Maersk and Stoke Mandeville Stadium.  Factory Eleven and Maersk donated a set of Tennis Factory equipment to Stoke Mandeville/Wheelpower during the Spinal Unit Games.  These Games take place at the Stadium and teams come together from the 12 Spinal Units in the UK and take part in many different sports – wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, athletics, swimming, sledge hockey, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair fencing etc.

I was very happy with what I saw. It is a wonderful way to introduce sport to people that have recently had an accident.  I experienced something similar after my accident in 1992 at the Sarah Kubitschek Centre in Brasilia but there wasn’t the range of sports that are now available.

My friend Peter Gray is the owner of Factory Eleven and they have similar equipment across different sports that allow people to play in parks, shopping centres and other locations.  The philosophy across all sports – tennis, golf, cricket, football, angling…- is inclusive so that kids and adults with a disabilty can join in the activity with able bodied family and friends.  It is a lot of fun and the equipment is very colourful and robust.

I had a wonderful day and I want to say thank you to Pete and Maersk for their positive attitude to promoting sport.

I hope to be back soon to tell similar positive stories that have a happy ending! 🙂



Putney Rotary Club


Hi Guys,

Last night I spoke at the Rotary Club of Putney about wheelchair tennis and disability awareness.  It was a lot of fun with many interesting questions and long discussion after my presentation.  Mark was with me and I took my tennis wheelchair for people to see.  Some people had a go in the chair!   I would like to thank the Club for this opportunity. The evening started well with conversation on the balcony of the Clubhouse in the warm sunshine overlooking the River Thames.  We were dinner and the food was very nice.

I would like to thank the club again for such a nice welcome and an enjoyable evening.


NEC employees learn about wheelchair tennis


Hi everybody

I would like to share a very nice experience I had a few days ago.

I talked to the staff of NEC and  shared some experiences about wheelchair tennis and how important for the Tour and for the players their support is.

The text below is from the ITF website written by Marshall Thomas.

” ITF representatives were recently invited to NEC Europe’s headquarters in London to make a presentation about wheelchair tennis to around 50 employees, including NEC Europe President Nobuyuki Yanaginuma.
ITF Wheelchair Tennis Manager Mark Bullock, ITF representatives Dan Absolon (Silver Fund Project) and Sebastian Dietze (Commercial Department) and former professional wheelchair tennis player Samanta Bullock discussed wheelchair tennis in general, the ITF’s role in the sport globally, and the mutual goals that the ITF and NEC are trying to achieve with their long term partnership.

NEC started their involvement in 1991 with the title sponsorship of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour
and has been a loyal and true supporter of the development of the sport ever since.

“It was a very successful event. We were delighted to have the chance to show the tremendous progress the sport has made and to educate the audience about our work and about the passion and enthusiasm in wheelchair tennis, of which NEC has been an invaluable part,” said Mark Bullock. “I am sure that many of those who we talked to were inspired and that we will see some again at our events.”

“We have received very positive feedback from the attendees and were pleased to see many signs of interest,” said Caroline Montagnier-Cannell, Corporate Social Responsibility Executive, NEC Europe Limited. “I hope that this event will help to further implement the partnership between NEC and the ITF in Europe.” ”

See more in the link:  NEC employees learn about wheelchair tennis

Thanks NEC..  Thanks to everybody  that helps wheelchair tennis!! :))



As tenistas, as belas do esporte – por Carlos Oliveira


Oi galerinha..

Introducao : Este na foto abaixo eh o Carlao, um grande amigo meu.

Como ele mesmo se define eh um maratonista e cadeirante, mas claro que tambem eh um amado, querido, fofo e super amigo!!

Ele tem um blog contando as suas aventuras e um pouco de tudo 🙂

Recentemente ele escreveu este artigo que eu estou postando aqui, sobre Tenistas Belas 🙂 , sobre o olhar dele eh o esporte que mais tem mulheres bonitas,  hauhuauha.. sera??…

Para quem quiser saber mais, vai la no blog dele e da uma cheretada , e deixe sua opiniao :))))  O link esta abaixo.,1,1

Super Mega beijoooo


ATP Tour Finals – Painting


Hi guys

It has been a long  time  since my last  blog. I came back  tonight to tell a story about me at the ATP Tour Finals this year the O2 here in England. … here you can find more about it.

The 8 Best players of the year confront each other, to find which one will be The Best..:)) this year it was Roger Federer!!

so what.. do you want to know what I was painting there??? so here we go!!

Painting.. look at it….  

but look, it wasn’t easy look what the players said about it. 

I tried it. It was much fun , wearing special clothes, with a heavy ball.. 🙂 and not much time.

so for a better result we finished on the floor. ( smart ) 😉 🙂  We had the option to paint a racquet in orange or a ball in purple.

At the end it was so nice and cute. 10 mins only to produce a master piece ?!!

With love


ATP Masters Finals – fazendo Arte.


Oi gente, muito tempo sem blogar nada, escola acabando e tudo meio corrido como de costume num final de ano.

Hoje voltei para contar de um evento que fui assistir o  ATP Tour Finals. 

Este evendo consiste em os  melhores jogadores no tenis masc. se enfrentando entre si, para ver qual eh o melhor do ano.

Este foi o ano de Roger Federer, eu estava torcendo para  o Andy Murray ( Inglaterra) , mas minha segunda opcao era o Federer, que fez uma final lindissima contra o espanhol Rafael Nadal.

Mas nao eh disso que eu queria falar, os atletas desenharam seus corpos com bolinhas de tenis.. bom, deixa eu explicar, cada um dos tenistas tinha um desenho, uma forma do corpo deles em tipo um papale cartolina em branco, onde eles prencheram com tinta, cada um de uma cor, mas a tinta era jogada no papael atraves de uma bola de tenis cheia de tinta que eles tinham que acertar na cartolina e formar assim cada um a sua “sombra”. Este foi um evento para caridade, sendo que depois os desenhos foram leiloados e o dinheiro doado.  Bem bacana neh?!

Tem um videozinho no You Tube em Ingles, da pra entender como isso foi feito.

Bom mais uma vez vou explicar onde entro nesta historia,.. nao eh que a Fedex organizou uma parte da O2 para nos podermos brincar, e tentar fazer o mesmo! no formato de bolinhas e raquetes a galera se divertiu, colocando roupas de protecao e com uma distancia razoavel, la fomos nos!!!!!  super difil.. huahuaa.

Muita diversao.. eu escolhi a raquete e a cor  laranja.

A bolinha era pesade devido ao excesso de tinta, ate fiquei com o pulso dolorido.. mas valeu a pena.

No final eh claro sao somentes alguns minutos e praticamente impossivel preencher tudo, entao fomos bater bola no chao.. kkkkk

Olha eh dificil o trem kkk e nao foi soh eu que achei, os jogadores tabm… ufa!! 🙂

Espero que vcs gostem do video e das fotinhos.

Grande beijaooooooooooo